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Why timber?
.Warum Holz?.
New prospects

As the optimum ecological building material and with the renaissance of the timber-framed building, timber broadens the horizon of the carpenter’s role today. There is no doubt that timber-frame construction stands for pleasurable, healthy and ecologically sound living.
Let us prove to you that our occupation is one of the most creative in the construction industry!

Carpenters build more than just trusses.

When the carpenter climbs up to break a glass on the roof, the topping-out ceremony begins. It is always a satisfying moment when a carpenter, dressed in a traditional carpenter’s costume, is blessing your house in the topping-out ceremony while you and your friends look on.

The trainee carpenter has alawys been a symbol of the apprentice travelling on the job (a German apprentice tradition) and yet, it was necessary in recent years to worry about this future of this traditional profession. Modern architechture left the carpenter resigned to working only on family houses’ trusses - and so a craftsmanship began to waste away, that in the past and future, especially from the ecological point of view, was and is so immensely important. Because the carpenter is the wood craftsman par excellence and his tradition is far older than that of the equally honourable joiner.
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